Advanced wiper technology ensures 'Easyvision' for drivers

Advanced wiper technology ensures 'Easyvision' for drivers

Road users in South Africa can dramatically improve their visibility in poor weather through a recently-launched range of Champion Easyvision flat and conventional wiper blades, which are compatible with 95 percent of all vehicles in the country.

Champion Easyvision is the rebranded consolidation of two tried-and-trusted wiper blade ranges manufactured by global powertrain and vehicle safety technology leader Federal-Mogul Marketing Director Heath Stow says that a 'retro-clip' system allows flat blades to replace conventional blades, thereby ensuring that the Champion range covers 95 percent of local light and commercial vehicles.

"Flat blades provide a more uniform contact with windscreens, with evenly distributed pressure along the length of the wiper, thanks to variable geometry spoiler (VGS) technology, which responds to changing wind force to maintain a constant wiping performance," he explains.

Stow notes that an added benefit of this rebranded range is that two new flat blade designs have been introduced to allow the replacement of conventional blades through a patented 'Multi Clip' system, which connects seven popular wiper arms. "The Champion Easyvision flat blade wipers only use 15 references, in order to ensure that the range covers 95 percent of vehicles on the road."

Although flat blade wipers are more effective, they are also more costly, and Stow points out that Federal-Mogul has enhanced the design of the Champion Easyvision conventional blade range to offer motorists a more cost effective, yet highly reliable alternative.

"The Champion conventional low mass metal wiper blades feature an upright claw design that allows for smooth rubber movement throughout the sweep of the blade. This range caters for high speed applications where wind-lift is a concern," he continues.

Champion Easyvision product manager Philip De Meyer stresses that worn blades are a major safety hazard to drivers. "The purpose of a wiper blade is not just to clear water from the windscreen, but to create friction in order to remove any obstacles. Worn blades achieve neither of these fundamental objectives, and run the serious risk of causing an accident in inclement weather."

De Meyer highlights the fact that Federal-Mogul undertakes extensive testing during research and development, in order to ensure that the Champion Easyvision blades are highly durable and effective, even in the most challenging weather conditions. "Development takes between 12 and 18 months, and involves the design and testing of a number of prototypes."

Wiper blade noise is another major safety concern, states De Meyer. "Noisy wiper blades can distract and even agitate drivers in challenging conditions. Bearing this in mind, the Champion Easyvision range boasts improved aerodynamics, with more flexible and durable rubber that is covered in special coating to ensure that noise is kept to an absolute minimum."

De Meyer notes that the rebranded packaging for the Champion Easyvision range provides customers with a clear and simple choice of conventional blades and flat blades. "A QR code enables the customer to scan the packaging with their smartphone, before being redirected to an app that enables them to enter in all of their vehicle details. From there, the app will inform the customer of the most suitable Champion Easyvision product for their specific vehicle. This adds substantial value to the wiper blade purchasing process, which is often confusing for the customer," he concludes.


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