Castrol Edge boosted with Titanium FST

Castrol has caused a stir through the launch of its new strongest oil ever, Castrol EDGE boosted with TITANIUM FST™.

Designed to double its film strength, prevent oil film breakdown and reduce friction, TITANIUM FST™ physically changes the way oil behaves under extreme pressures. It helps to form shock absorbing pads that prevent damaging metal-to-metal contact.

The oil is Castrol’s answer to car manufacturers’ downsizing, turbocharging and advanced engine designs like direct fuel injection and variable valve timing. This has resulted in engine pressures almost doubling, causing greater stress on the oil, equivalent to five hatchback cars stacked on a stiletto heel.

Advances in engine designs and technologies being developed by car manufacturers aim to deliver greater efficiency, but also mean that engines are working harder and under higher pressures than ever before. The only thing keeping metal engine components apart is the oil, so it needs to be strong and remain strong.

In addition and developed exclusively for car manufacturers and their authorised service networks, Castrol EDGE Professional will be the first engine oil to be certified globally as CO2 neutral and is also now manufactured to the new Castrol Professional Quality Standard. Its advanced technology team worked with world-leading scientists in renowned academic institutions and over 2,400 lubricant blends were tested with hundreds of different tools and processes. It also carried out hundreds of individual car engine tests clocking up the equivalent of nearly 1.9 million miles or 75 trips around the world. The development programme took nearly 5 years of extensive engine and laboratory testing.

In the tests, Castrol EDGE with TITANIUM FST™ gave up to 15% lower friction than the same Castrol oil without TITANIUM FST™. In the variable speed Fluid Strength Test, Castrol EDGE with TITANIUM FST™ gave up to 45% less metal-to-metal contact than a major competitor’s product. It was found to maintain its strength for at least 140 hours longer. To mark the launch Castrol, globally renowned for being at forefront of incredible feats of human endeavour and engineering, pulled out all stops in Johannesburg this week. The brand which has a 115 year history has played an integral part in breaking 21 land speed records, multiple space shuttle launches and Concorde’s first Mach2 flight.

It showcased it’s new Castrol EDGE with TITANIUM FST™ by unveiling the first of its Blackout Trials, a series of high-powered, world-first challenges planned for this year.

Four of the world’s top motorsport drivers were selected to test the strength of man, machine and Castrol Edge on a track drenched in darkness. Their feat was revealed at the same time around the globe. Adrian Zaugg, one of SA’s top motor racing exports who is the current Lamborghini Squadra Corse test driver based in Switzerland, jetted into South Africa for the event. For the trial he joined YouTube sensation Ken Block whose recent Footkhana feat for the Soccer World Cup caused a global stir as well as Augusto Farfus (BMW Motorsport works driver/DTM) and Mike Rockenfeller (Audi Sport works driver/DTM).

The trial which was revealed all over the world at the same time, was done on a track formed in the dark and lit only by beams of light. The four drivers worked together to race around this track at speeds of up to 120 miles an hour. Watch the video below: