Thegandra Naidoo Update

Thegandra Naidoo: Mea Culpa

Yesterday I announced that I would come to decision about Mr Thegandra Naidoo’s future at Automotive Business Review (aBr). After a day of reflection and consultation, and further investigation into the events around a most unfortunate and acrimonious exchange of views on social media, a decision has been taken.

Mr Naidoo has today, with immediate effect, left the employ of aBr. The decision was taken in the cold light of day, and many factors had to be considered in taking this decision, not least of which were the many death threats received, but of course the key determination was based on the unacceptable nature of the comments made, irrespective of the circumstances, of which I shall expand on in an editorial to be published in the next issue of aBr.

I wish to once again apologise unreservedly to the family of Mr Pearce; the entire biking community of South Africa; the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists; our valued clients and customers and members of the public.

I also wish to reiterate that aBr and its staff distance ourselves entirely and without reserve from the comments made by Mr Naidoo, and that we, notwithstanding that Mr Naidoo has now left our employ, are investigating opportunities to make something good out of a terrible set of circumstances, and to show our goodwill towards all motorists.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Erasmus

Publisher, Automotive Business Review

Tuesday 18 February 2014