Shell avails new Helix Ultra range

Shell unveiled its new Shell Helix Ultra range of fully synthetic motor oils, formulated with Shell’s PurePlus Technology for both petrol and diesel passenger cars, at a Johannesburg launch event this week.

The company says the Gas To Liquids (GTL) Helix range delivers higher levels of protection against build-up of engine deposits and meets or surpasses the most stringent industry specifications. In a revolutionary process, natural gas is turned into a pure, clear base oil that Shell says has almost none of the impurities found in crude oil. According to Shell, these base oils provide enhanced viscosity, friction and volatility performance compared to traditional group II and group III base oils.

In addition to enhanced cleansing, Shell Helix Ultra is reported to provide superior wear and corrosion protection and boasts enhanced resistance to degradation and evaporation. Alongside the launch, the Shell Helix core portfolio has been restructured to help customers to identify the best lubricant for their business. The line of multi-fuel passenger car motor oils ranges from mineral oils to oils with synthetic technology, to top-of-the-range Shell Helix Ultra.