Project 2002: Red and ready for assembly

Man, but there are a lot of parts in a car, even a simple one like a BMW 2002…

This is one of the first discoveries we made when we got ours home from Cornrights and started assembling it – a process which we’ve been looking forward to for months! One of the first things we did was fit the kidney grille...in an instant, it at least looked like a BMW again. But there are many, many more parts to be attached, and there are also quite a few that we still don’t have, and many of those are bespoke ’02 items. Our network is onto it though.

But our retail partner, Autobarn, has been a pillar of strength as far as the generic stuff is concerned. They teed us up with Motorzone, their bustling outlet in the heart of Halfway House and they promptly supplied a bunch of electrical components, including battery and fuel pump, so that we could get busy in the boot. Both items now nestle behind the rear bulkhead, and while the rear-mounted battery helps weight distribution, it also frees up space in the left-front corner of the engine bay for the ABS pump, which will go in once all the refurbished braking hydraulics come back from Norbrake.

Much of the electrical work, including the fitting of the Davis, Craig 10-inch electric fan, was overseen by James’ granddad. He’s helped to ready the harness for a bunch of features which will help to modernise a car which went out of production nearly 40 years ago. The wiring job was simplified by a great crimping tool supplied by Jonnesway, and we also went through some metres of heat shrinkable tubing (worth every cent), in the interest of watertight, electrically-sound end result. The fuse box is back in place and everything is looking ship-shape – and we have confirmed that our fan, front indicators, ignition circuit and fuel pump all work. Now for the ABS wiring. Follow BMW Youth Project 2002 on our Facebook page. Here you’ll also be able to view our parts wish list, and if you’re a 2002 owner, racer or collector and have any of the bits we’re after, we’d love to hear from you!

New partners
• Audiomotive Distributors – best known for their flagship Rockford Fosgate brand – have agreed to supply an ICE system for Project 2002. While the details are yet to be confirmed, we’ll definitely aim for a system which is Bluetooth-enabled for seamless phone and iPod integration.

• We will need to get a few components custom-made, not least of all a suitably sturdy bracket to carry the ABS pump/control unit, and we’ll need some fabrication work with engine and gearbox mountings to get the non-standard items to line up. For this kind of work we will rely on Prostreet Originals, owned by former racer Grant van Schalkwyk, and they’ll bend, shape and weld what we need for an aesthetically pleasing, and mechanical sound solution to these needs.

• As we went to press Supreme Bumpers confirmed that they will be joining our band of merry partners. They’ll re-chroming in a gunmetal or charcoal hue for a more sporty effect and will do the same to the B-Pillar chrome finisher, the intention being to make it merge with the window tinting, creating the illusion of a lower roofline….


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