VBOX Africa - Made To Measure

VBOX Africa - Made To Measure

VBOX Africa, a division of Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS), has been appointed the sole African distributor of VBOX dataloggers for the automotive and mining industries. In addition, ATS will continue to sell select VBOX products directly to motorsport customers, giving the company three separate channels to service.

With 25 years of experience in the production of GPS-based datalogging systems, VBOX’s parent company – Racelogic – is a leader in the field of data acquisition and analysis. The VBOX brand has become a popular choice not only for racing teams but also OEMs of trucks and cars, tyre manufacturers and companies in transport, logistics, and mining. Their global client base makes for impressive reading.

A VBOX enables users to record every move a vehicle makes and then examine this information, often with synchronised video and audio as well as information extracted from the vehicle’s CANBUS wiring system. With this multi-dimensional data to hand, the behaviour of the driver, vehicle and even Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) like Adaptive Cruise Control can be assessed. The application is broad and it can be used for the braking performance of a bus, monitoring the pitch, roll and yaw of a truck moving a 250 tonne load of rock in an opencast mine, or improving a racer’s lap times.

“Setting up VBOX Africa and being tasked with looking after the Automotive and Mining product lines from VBOX is a very exciting development for us,” says ATS’s sales director, Kobus Roos. “We’ve worked with their Motorsport range for a number of years and been able to offer South African competitions the very latest technology with which to measure what happened on-track.  With a VBOX there are no secrets and it reveals the good, the bad and the ugly.”

While racers rely on VBOX to find precious 10ths of seconds, in mining it is ultimately about improved productivity and cost-saving and in the automotive industry often about compliance and verification. Local VBOX users already include the likes of AMG Academy, BMW South Africa, Ferodo and many individual motorsport competitors.

Detailed information about the three divisions of VBOX Africa is available on the www.vboxafrica.co.za website. For more information contact Heinz Böse on 011 670 8404 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..