Tenneco introduces TADIS

Tenneco is in the process of rolling out a vast technical knowledge resource known as TADIS, a free digital technical information system created for Tenneco’s aftermarket customers.

TADIS, short for Technician’s Advanced Digital Information System, is a truly comprehensive and state-of-the-art digital information system that offers fast, simplified access to a world of diagnostic information, high-definition technical videos, and repair and product information related to vehicle ride control and emissions control systems.

Somewhat surprisingly, access to TADIS is provided entirely free of charge to any vehicle workshop professional, replacement parts sales representative, technical school instructor, student, journalist or consumer - worldwide.

TADIS represents an important investment in technical support and training, not just for Tenneco’s customers. By increasing global access to the very latest diagnostic, repair and product information, the company is helping just about everyone in the industry to more proactively and effectively manage and understand vehicle repair processes.

Featuring multi-platform architecture, compatible with web-connected desktop, laptop and mobile devices and operating systems, TADIS offers technical information designed for each of several levels of users, be they highly skilled workshop professionals or vehicle owners themselves.

Available content includes technical data; highly advanced, interactive e-learning modules; more than 125 technical videos; diagnostic and installation tips; instructions covering the use of diagnostic tools and equipment; in-depth information concerning Tenneco’s Monroe and Walker product ranges; electronic catalogues and more.

It is difficult to think of a more comprehensive single resource available today for the aftermarket that is comparable to TADIS. Yet despite its perceived value and complexity, Tenneco has taken an “everyone is welcome” approach to its use.

“By eliminating barriers to technical information, we are helping our customers expand their diagnostic and repair capabilities, greatly enhance the productivity of their businesses and, above all, perform high-quality repairs on virtually any vehicle model,” explains the rather charismatic Alex Gelbcke, vice president and general manager, Tenneco Aftermarket EMEA.

Usability and simplicity were two key areas in the system’s development and much thought and planning has clearly gone into achieving this. In spite of its impressive scale, TADIS enables any user to drill down to any available topic within just three mouse clicks. As we mentioned earlier, TADIS is vast - it features more than 16 000 links to technical photos, 3D animations, system diagrams, slides, diagnostic articles and other valuable resources.

Version 2.0 is available immediately in English, and can be accessed via the 4T logo on the Monroe.com website. An expanded version of the powerful new tool, which has been in development for several years and which is updated continuously, is offered in several languages.