Walker tweaks DPF range

Tenneco is expanding its aftermarket Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) range and realigning it under the Walker Evolution name.

Walker “EVO S” silicon carbide filters match the technology used by many vehicle manufacturers, while “EVO C” units, which feature advanced cordierite technology, are appropriate for a wide variety of older, out of warranty vehicles. The EVO C range plugs the gap created for affordable, reliable DPF’s that are suited to well-maintained older vehicles that once had silicon carbide filters as well as the growing number of newer vehicles that use cordierite technology.

With the addition of EVO C, Walker Evolution represents the only fully homologated DPF range for a broad array of light-vehicle replacement applications. “Our OE market leadership has enabled us to better support parts distributors and workshops in earning larger shares of this emerging service opportunity through leading technology and excellent coverage,” says Francois Vandenbroucke, Tenneco senior product manager emissions control, Europe Aftermarket.

Tenneco worked in conjunction with an independent test facility in Germany to validate the performance and durability of its new cordierite filters. These tests, said to have been conducted under normal and extreme operating conditions, reportedly showed that the EVO C filters provide reliable soot loading, regeneration and reconditioning capabilities.


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