Project 2002: Full steam ahead

Sometimes when I get frustrated I just have to look at pictures from the middle of 2013, with the donor shell for BMW 2002 Youth Project on the trailer next to my own Boston Green version. 

We’ve made loads of progress, even if at times it seems to be in fits and starts – which acts as a constant reminder of the challenges that come with building a custom car…

My BMW 2002 has recently come back from Evolution 2, freshly fettled with Bilstein dampers, an upgraded cooling system, and uprated braking system with Ferodo high-performance pads and discs, now mated to E30 calipers. I mention this because it will in many ways act at the template for my son James’ one: the cooling systems will be virtually identical, as will suspension (though the Project car will get trick H&R springs in addition to Bilsteins), and the brake system will use the same discs, calipers and pads in front (but with the added benefit of ABS and rear discs).

One of the biggest differences will be the acoustics: while I drive my 2002 accompanied only by wind, road and mechanical noise (and there’s plenty of each by modern standards), James will be able to plug in his iPod via an Aux cable, and pair his phone via Bluetooth. So that he can actually here his music or his caller, we’ve insulated the interior with a combination of stick-on rubber matting from Pro Auto Rubber (lining the doors, rear quarter panel, and rear bulkhead), while more sophisticated Thermo-Tec heat/sound insulating blankets will be used for the cabin floor and the roof.

An amplified four-speaker set up, plus a 200 Watt subwoofer in an acoustically sealed compartment in the boot and projecting through the parcel shelf, should provide sweet music, with the Cellsound team using all the tricks of the trade to make sure we get maximum bang from our Rockford Fosgate components.

In the meantime, work on the door-less shell is continuing apace at Evolution’s Kyalami workshop, with various parts in for fabrication, and others on order from our various partners…