New battery testers from DHC

The DHC Speciality Corp, now celebrating 10 years in the country, has introduced two new digital battery testers.

The first of these is the BT 521, which is designed for Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) as well as AGM battery diagnostics. This tester has been introduced in response to the surge in Start/Stop vehicles. The development of this battery tester means that it can easily diagnose Start/Stop battery systems in addition to traditional, non-EFB batteries. The tester is sold with a printer.


The second new model is the DHC MotoExact BT ME 5 that has a printer as well as the BT ME 3 without a printer. These models are specifically targeted at the motorcycle and leisure/powersport markets. All Yuasa, as well as some Harley Davidson battery models, have been installed on the machine for easy diagnosis. All other motorcycle batteries can also be tested using this device.