No adapter required!

No adapter required!
  • New Motodrive gear motors with a direct dedicated standard IEC fitment

The new Motodrive range of inline helical and shaft mounted helical gear motors with a direct dedicated standard IEC fitment is footprint interchangeable with other European brands in the market and is available from Bearings International’s countrywide branch network.

“A standard IEC motor can be directly connected to the IEC motor flange, eliminating the need for an adapter,” explains Bauer General Manager, Knox Ngema. “The result is a simple, compact solution that reduces the overall length of the drive line, a space saving feature that is a fundamental benefit to applications where space is at a premium.”

The smaller Motodrive gear motors are manufactured from die cast aluminium while the larger units are manufactured from stronger die cast iron (size dependent) to meet more stringent applications requirements. The Motodrive range offers high torque ratings in accordance with AGMA standards, which together with, synthetic lubrication, extends gear life. Product life is prolonged by the automatic entrapment of metallic wear debris. The unique mounting registers for quick, precision alignment ensure fast and easy installation, for minimum downtime and low maintenance. Front mounting offers mounting flexibility.

“Motodrive is an extension to our current right angled, solid shaft, hollow worm gearbox range and broadens our product offering to customers,” says Bearings International Product Manager, Lewis Hiepner. Sharing numerous synergies, the standard Bauer electric motors complement the Motodrive range and, according to Hiepner, the standard IEC ‘Bauer’ brand electric motors supplied by Bearings International country wide will be fitted to these geared units.

Bearings International Sales Director, Robin Briggs, places training high on the agenda and says that Bauer, as part of Bearings International’s drives division, is responsible for all training and technical support. “Bauer has the necessary expertise and know-how and it is important that our technicians are equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to offer the best solution to meet customer requirements.”  

Bauer Sales Manager, Pete Richmond, is responsible for training on the new Motodrive gear motor range. “Formal training will include Bearings International’s 54 branches and will consist of basic gearbox selection and identifying potential business, supported by the necessary literature,” explains Richmond. “We are making every effort to get training to all the Bearings International branches and I am travelling to the main centres of Cape Town and Durban to train regional personnel who will in turn train the branches in their area. The sales representatives in the rest of the areas will lay out training in their branches. This includes the Provinces of Gauteng (Pretoria, East and West Rand), the Free State and Mpumalanga.”

Manufactured to European standards, the Motodrive range will meet a wide variety of application requirements. Packaging, bottling, OEM manufacturing, mining, processing and quarrying are some of the industries that will benefit from this compact, space saving, versatile gear motor range, which will be available at a competitive price.

“We are very excited about the new Motodrive range which achieved extremely successful results during in-field testing conducted over an 18 month period,” remarks Ngema and concludes: “The direct dedicated standard IEC fitment ensures a simple, fast, compact and affordable solution that will reduce total cost of ownership and provide a good return on investment for our customers.”