Control Instruments Automotive becomes Torre Automotive

A new era has dawned with the recent acquisition of the Control Instruments Group by Torre Industries Limited. A new era of growth, a new era of excitement, and a new era of unleashed potential.

With the acquisition of the group (which includes Control Instruments Automotive (Pty) Ltd and Control Instruments Automotive – Plastics (Pty) Ltd, both of which have been integrated into one operating entity) by Torre Industries Limited, Control Instruments Automotive will be changing their name to Torre Automotive (Pty) Ltd.

Torre (pronounced tor, as in door) Industries Limited is a young and dynamic JSE listed industrial holdings company whose business is the value added distribution of branded capital equipment products; the sale of complementary industrial consumable products and services; and the provision of specialised financial solutions to industrial customers in the areas of financing, foreign exchange, treasury and corporate advisory services (see www.torreindustries.com).

With this acquisition, Torre has paid the management and staff of Control Instruments the ultimate compliment, by deciding that under the Torre Automotive name the business and its staff will remain unchanged, and that the strategy that has been followed over the past few years remains firmly in place. This means that whilst the name has changed, Torre Automotive will continue to market and sell their quality premium branded automotive aftermarket products - Gabriel, Echlin, Textar, VDO, Autocom, Acsa-Mag, Mag Brakes, Warn, Hi-Lift, Vision-X and Truck-Lite, just as it was doing under the Control Instruments banner.Except now it is part of a dynamic industrial services conglomerate, which is appropriately named, as torre means tower in six Romance languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Italian and Corsican), and metaphorically signifies growth and reaching for the stars. 

In addition, towers are generally built to take advantage of their height, and can stand alone on the ground, or as part of a larger structure, and this is also appropriate with the acquisition of CI Automotive, as now Torre Automotive can expand and grow as part of the Torre Industrial structure.

The management and staff of Control Instruments are extremely positive about this move. “We are positive about the new and exciting opportunities that these changes present. Though our name has changed, our commitment to our clients and suppliers and our drive for continued success have remained unchanged. Our goal remains to continue providing our customers with high-quality, responsive service and our suppliers with a long term strategic partnership,” says Sean Rogers, managing director of Torre Automotive.

Rogers adds that “brands are our value, and these brands are in a dominant position in the automotive aftermarket. This is our brand philosophy, and with the support, the synergies and the leverage obtained from our relationship with our holding company, we are going to aggressively look for acquisitions to enable us to increase our market share”. Rogers also sees the name change as a fresh start and a recommitment to the 100%    aftermarket strategy, the strong brand strategy, and with the resources and backing of a bigger group, “we are reenergised and looking forward to realising our potential for growth.”

Kevin Rogers, commercial executive at Torre Automotive, concurs. “The company’s strategy remains firmly in place and we will continue to ensure that we maintain a competitive advantage by focusing on enhancing our relationships with you our customers and suppliers, creating demand for our current products and bringing additional exciting new products to the market. We also look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with our suppliers, customers and stakeholders as we move forward in this new chapter.