SKF introduces new entry level Tachometer – TKRT 10

TKRT 10 - New entry level tachometer from SKF

The TKRT 10 is SKF’s new entry level tachometer, enabling fast and accurate contact and non-contact speed measurement of rotating objects and surface speeds.

“The SKF TKRT 10 tachometer uses either laser or contact measurement for determining rotational and linear speed,” states Steve Gething, SKF Business Development Manager Reliability Systems. “The laser optical system allows easy and quick measurement at a safe distance from rotating machinery. Wide speed range and diverse measurement modes make the TKRT 10 suitable for measuring speed in many applications,” continues Gething.

The TKRT 10 is equipped with a laser and a range of contact adapters. It is a versatile instrument and suits many different applications. It’s laser can be used for safe and quick, non-contact rotational speed measurements at distances up to 0.5 m (20 in). The measurement range goes from 20,000 rpm for contact measurements using one of the three adapters supplied, up to 99,999 rpm in non-contact laser mode.

Gething continues, “This compact tachometer is operated with one-hand, has a large backlit LCD display facilitating easy reading in almost all environments. Up to ten readings can be stored in the unit’s memory.”

“The TKRT 10 complements the existing TKRT 20, allowing customers to make a choice of instrument based on their needs,” concludes Gething.


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