Cooper From the Rough to the Smooth

Cooper From the Rough to the Smooth

Cooper Tyres, known in South Africa for offering an extensive range of premium tyres for 4x4 and SUV vehicles, have announced the introduction of a new ultra-high performance (UHP) passenger tyre – the Cooper Zeon CS Sport.

Cooper has been crafting tyres for over one hundred years. With headquarters in Ohio, America, Cooper specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of passenger, SUV and 4x4 tyres to meet all consumer vehicle requirements – from the rough terrain requirements of the 4x4 market to the smooth ultra high performance passenger road tyres.

Cooper has a tradition of motoring racing success and the CS Sport is packed with new design features researched on the race track. The CS Sport is truly oriented towards the driving enthusiast, delivering supreme performance while maximising the driving experience.

Boasting an A-rating for wet grip across all sizes and speed variants, the new tyre features a high-dispersion silica tread, which provides excellent water clearance as well as laudable traction in dry conditions. 

Steering response and lateral stability are enhanced thanks to flipper reinforcement, while a 0 degree spiral restrictor further improves high-speed performance.

Handling is exceptionally crisp and precise, due to the tyre’s central tread rib and two-ply rayon casing, while it also features a rim flange protector to guard against kerb damage to alloy wheels.

The CS Sport’s Tri-Arc mould shape for improved contact pressure distribution and its tuned construction work together to offer crisp, predictable handling.

This tyre is the first of Cooper’s range to be tested and developed in conjunction with Cooper Tire Europe’s new Ultra High Performance brand ambassador, ex-Formula One racer, David Coulthard.

Offering technical insight and feedback to the Cooper team during the tyre’s development process, Coulthard has played a key role in ensuring that the CS Sport is Cooper’s most accomplished UHP tyre yet.

Peter McNally, General Manager of Cooper’s European Technical Centre, said, “We are excited to launch the CS Sport. As our new high-performance range-topper, this tyre has benefited from a great deal of research and development, not to mention the input and feedback from David Coulthard, who we’re delighted to have on board as our performance tyre ambassador.

“For the driving enthusiast, the CS Sport is the ultimate tyre; it performs exceptionally well in wet and dry conditions, with outstanding steering response and handling. We are very proud to offer it as our flagship tyre.”

The Cooper Zeon CS Sport is available in various fitments from 18- to 19-inch diameter rim sizes, in W and Y speed ratings and is available from reputable dealerships nationwide.