Silkolene Gaining Market Share as a Motorcycle Lubricant

Silkolene Gaining Market Share as a Motorcycle Lubricant

Fuchs Lubricants, the world’s largest independent lubricants company, is expanding its Silkolene lubricants product range for the motorcycle market.

“The Silkolene range is designed to meet the specific needs of both the bike and rider. Dedicated products are developed for every type of motorcycle and scooter, whether they are used for pleasure, commuting, touring or racing. This new product makes state-of-the-art use of electrosyntec technology,” says John Anderson, Automotive OEM manager, Fuchs Lubricants.

“It is an entirely new concept in motorcycle engine lubrication that uses powerful intermolecular forces that bond low-friction molecules to stressed metal surfaces by a process of electrostatic adhesion. This significantly reduces friction and wear from start up to full power,” he says.

“Silkolene offers improved protection against engine wear and long-term performance retention and minimises friction at crucial points in the engine. Electrosyntec technology is exclusive to Silkolene,” says Mr Anderson.

Two major Silkolene sponsorship deals were signed in 2013. The first was the Factory Red Bull KTM Silkolene motocross team. “This is a significant achievement because we have managed to replace Motorex which is KTM’s international partner and probably our biggest competitor in the bike market in South Africa,” says Mr Anderson.

“The second sponsorship was the Factory BMW Motorrad Team, which runs in the South African Superbike series. BMW have won this series for the last three years and this counts as a victory against Castrol.”

“In a country devoted to the outdoors where motorsports are spectacularly popular, this sponsorship will place Fuchs’ product Silkolene directly in front of a cheering audience where they will be able to show exactly what they can do. A better marketing strategy would be hard to come by,” said Mr Anderson.