MasterDrive Newsletter - 17 December 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 17 December 2019

MasterTips: MasterDrive's driving playlist

  • As you compile your playlist for the drive to your holiday destination, follow MasterDrive's suggestions of some of the best songs to include for improved concentration and focus.

MasterTest: The best cargo vehicle

  • The MasterDrive team has chosen their favourite options for cargo vehicles for small to medium businesses, for 2019. These are the vehicles that have made the cut.

MasterNews: Safely sharing the roads with trucks

  • As drivers head toward their holiday destinations this year, they are likely to encounter more trucks. We demystify what to expect when sharing the roads with trucks especially on single-lane carriageways.


  • After eating some chocolates, a grandson asks his grandmother what vitamins they have in them. She says, "I doubt there are any at all." He replies wide-eyed, "You mean these are just for fun?"

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