MasterDrive Newsletter - 25 February 2020

MasterDrive Newsletter - 25 February 2020

MasterTips: How AARTO can go wrong

  • If any company still has their doubts about preparing for the implementation of AARTO, an example where bad driving resulted in the loss of 12 points in one day may change minds.

MasterTest: Bike Expressions: Honda Africa Twin

  • The new 2020 Honda Africa Twin has arrived in South Africa. Derek Kirkby took it for a ride and was impressed with the many changes from its longer stroke to the additional 7 horse power and 6% more torque.

MasterNews: Protecting your fleet against illness

  • The Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has resulted in over 2000 deaths already. Africa has remained untouched by the virus so far, according to official records. While businesses can hope for the best (that it never reaches Africa), they should plan for the worst.


  • Interviewer: How do you explain this four-year gap on your CV? Me: That's when I went to Yale. Interviewer: That’s really impressive! You’re hired. Me: Thanks, I really need this yob.

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