Explore the Virtual World of the Automotive Industry

Explore the Virtual World of the Automotive Industry

Keeping an eye on the changing trend, an amazing online event is on the floors - AutoExpo 2020.

AutoExpo 2020 the foremost virtual expo in the automotive industry is scheduled from 8th to 11th December 2020.

A full-fledged Virtual reality platform has been developed, where you will be in a Virtual City with all the amenities of the physical world, present virtually.

In this virtual exhibition you will have 8-10 trade fair halls, each of them having 20 -22 booths where the actual exhibition will take place.

The exhibitors will be exhibiting their products and services through these virtual booths, which also has a 360° vision with custom 3D views.

Highlights of this Virtual Exhibition

  • 60+ Exhibitors Participating
  • 20+ OEM’s Participating
  • 10,000+ Global Visitors
  • 100+ Country Companies Participating
  • 30+ Speakers in Live Conferences
  • 1000+ Scheduled B2B Meetings
  • 15 Automotive Supplier Associations from various countries participating
  • Focus: Companies serving Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Agriculture Machinery, Off-road Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Engine & Gensets, Aftermarket, Vehicles accessories etc.

 Features of Virtual Exhibition

  • 360° Exterior layouts – a virtual trade fair hall coming close to the reality
  • 360° Product Display – where all the products will be displayed in 3D view
  • 360° Exhibitor booth – where the exhibitors will promote themselves
  • 360° Open Ground Display – where products/vehicles would be placed to view
  • Platform- Platform for AutoExpo2020 is Virtual Reality (VR) enabled.

What will AutoExpo Offer you?

There will be global leaders of Automotive industry exhibiting at the expo, with multiple product launches and tech innovations. More than 50 exhibitors will be exhibiting in this AutoExpo through the virtual medium.

  • This Auto Expo will offer you –
  • Exhibition
  • B2B meetings
  • Conference
  • Networking Sessions

Who will be Exhibiting?

  • Following are the exhibiting agencies -
  • Global leaders of the automotive sector
  • Leading OEM’s of the automotive world
  • Leading automotive manufacturers
  • Global Dealers & Distributors
  • Automotive Aftermarket Professionals

All industry giants will be exhibiting in this virtual exhibition through the virtual reality platform.

Organisers of AutoExpo 2020

  • This mega event is organised by the -
  • Republic of Turkiye – Ministry of Trade –
  • TIM –   a Turkish Exporters Assembly which works in directing foreign trade and export policies.
  • OIB – an organisation which classify exporters to within interest of the sector.

As the Turkish Government itself is one of the organisers, it has provided all the necessary assistance for all the participants and exhibiting agencies.

As the virtual platform for this automotive exhibition is device friendly, you can access this virtual exhibition through any device you are using.

It will be a great experience to be a participant of this mega virtual event. And after reading till this point you must have got an instinct to participate in AutoExpo.

And you don’t have to do any hard work for that, you just need to visit the website of AutoExpo and Register for FREE through the link provided there.

Yes! Its FREE REGISTRATION for participating in this Virtual Exhibition.

So, don’t waste your time on thinking, just take the further step and Register FREE for this mega auto exhibition.

AutoExpo 2020  www.autoexpoturkiye.com