Goodyear South Africa receives the seal of affirmation as a top employer for the sixth time

Goodyear South Africa receives the seal of affirmation as a top employer for the sixth time

Goodyear South Africa has once again been counted among the certified Top Employers in the country as it receives the certification for the sixth time in 2021. The multinational company with over 67 years of existence in South Africa has been certified as a Top Employer South Africa by the independent Top Employers Institute.

The Top Employer certification affirms Goodyear’s people strategy which aims to deliver the best Human Resources (HR) policies and procedures for their employees and to achieve this, Goodyear needs to implement, and put these into practice. It is the Goodyear employees who get to put these practices to the test. Goodyear South Africa completed the HR Best Practices Survey, Validation and Audit in order to qualify for this certification. Goodyear South Africa’s performance score was rated against an international standard and to date, Goodyear South Africa continues to lead its counterparts as the only tyre manufacturer to have attained this accolade six times.

“Our mandate is to grow a people-centric organisation and we are fully conscious that our success comes from and belongs to all our employees. That is why we continue to invest in creating the best workplace for our employees to thrive in and to deliver best-in-class tyre brand services to our customers,” said Piotr Czyzyk, Managing Director Goodyear South Africa.

The HR Best Practices Survey conducted by the Top Employers Institute certifies organisations based on their participation and covers six human resources areas that consist of twenty topics such as People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Well-being and Diversity & Inclusion and more.

Goodyear South Africa leadership aims to build and enable high achieving leaders who inspire teams and grow the business.

Goodyear employs approximately 2 300 employees in various locations around the country, in manufacturing, sales and support offices. Goodyear South Africa continues being known for its outstanding working conditions and the exceptional manner in which it cares for its employees. The Company places a significant emphasis on people with the aim of promoting collaboration and having energised teams.

When speaking about successful teams in the wake of a global pandemic caused by COVID-19, Goodyear South Africa introduced work from home guidelines and a rotational programme to ensure the company does not exceed the 50% office occupancy. Switching from traditional office work to remote work is a fundamental change in how employees function. Hence Goodyear South Africa believes in a 50/50 balance between employees working from the office and employees working from home. Czyzyk states that finding ways to energize the team is core to how the tyre manufacturer builds a talented and an engaged workforce.

“This is evident in our strong focus on development and rotation opportunities, nationally and globally. Our people are core in having an agile and innovative organisation that sets the technology and performance standard for the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated that we find alternative ways to continue on our mission to develop our people and keep them engaged while working from home,” Czyzyk adds.

As a country we have faced a very challenging year in 2020, however, Goodyear South Africa has strived to make a positive impact to its workforce by avoiding job losses, retaining its employees and weathering storms of the pandemic together as one team. Goodyear South Africa is proud to be certified a Top Employer once again and is set to continue demonstrating leadership and its commitment of putting its employees and all its stakeholders first.