Elevating industry with robust, powerful batteries

Elevating industry with robust, powerful batteries

For many businesses in construction, shipping and distribution centres, operations rely on forklifts and scissorjacks to lift and move heavy materials and cargo around spaces efficiently and safely. These industrial applications need reliable and powerful batteries to perform their functions effortlessly.

The correct battery for these applications is Surface Motive Power (SMP) batteries. SMP batteries power the motor that drives electric vehicles.1 In addition to powering forklifts, the SMP battery also plays a secondary role in supporting the forklift's lifting capacity.2

Buying the right SMP battery for your industrial applications is an investment, and will ensure the applications perform optimally, avoid disruptions to business operations, and reduce potential harm to employees.3

One of South Africa's battery manufacturer's assembles and supplies reliable and high-performing SMP batteries in tanks.4

"First National Battery assembles batteries compliant with international quality and safety DIN standards," said Murray Long, Managing Director at First National Battery, about their process which ensures that battery cells are secure.4, 5

What’s more, producing low antimony in SMP positive battery plates,6 also ensures businesses can benefit from robust batteries that require lower maintenance and have a reduced self-discharge rate.6, 7 Some of the key benefits of SMP batteries with low antimony positive plates include,7

  • Less frequent topping up required
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Lower risk of overcharge during the first charge
  • Increased service life.

Additionally, the negative and positive plates of SMP batteries complement each other, providing balanced battery performance. Other features should include extended battery life, improved safety and mechanical strength.7 And, the battery should be robust enough to withstand the industrial application's demand, moving business operations along smoothly.

For more information on how First National Battery can assist with SMP battery solutions, visit www.battery.co.za.