Eldan Recycling to expand their presence in Asia at the Singapore Show

The Eldan Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Tyre Shredder will be introduced at Tyrexpo Asia 2021

Denmark based Eldan Recycling are another company who will be exhibiting for the very first time at the Tyrexpo Asia 2021 Show in Singapore this coming November.

Being at the show will represent an evolving trading direction for Eldan Recycling as previously they have focused more on recycling events. However, the increased momentum on a circular economy aimed at reducing waste and use of resources has led the company to focus more generally on tyres.

Toni Reftman, CEO, Eldan Recycling says, “We have high expectations of Tyrexpo Asia 2021, and our main objective will be to attract potential international customers and further expand our knowledge about the international tyre market”.

“Asia is an interesting market for us with lots of potential opportunities and we hope to further our presence in this part of the world and perhaps pick up new ideas and technologies that may influence the tyre recycling market in the future. We also hope to meet new interesting sales partners to work with and increase our influence in this important region.”

When it comes to new products Eldan will be launching their all-new Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Tyre Shredder at the event which can produce clean-cut 50 mm chips from passenger car and truck tyres at up to 6000 kg per hour or 100 mm chips at up to 9000 kg an hour. This latest innovative tyre shredder will help the company promote Eldan Recycling as an excellent choice for professionally recycling tyres.

Eldan also hope to visit the specialized Business Conference program during the event and look forward to the announcement of the full listing of summits.

Formed in 1965, Eldan Recycling has evolved over the past five decades into a leading international supplier of modern recycling equipment and has been responsible for helping establish some of the most state-of-the-art recycling facilities in the world. To date the company has installed 830 complete systems and 7,100 single machines to customers in 65 countries and all Eldan equipment is developed and produced in-house in Denmark.

 Eldan Recycling to expand their presence in Asia at the Singapore Show