Import duties protecting AMSA

Import duties protecting AMSA


by Gerhard Papenfus

Since the introduction of import duties to protect AMSA in 2015, NEASA has been campaigning tirelessly in an attempt to have these duties lifted.

A few days ago Seifsa joined the chorus of almost the entire steel downstream in calling for the lifting of the duties - 6 years too late.

This bold announcement (measured against Seifsa’s standards) came after 98.5% of participants in a Seifsa survey indicated that they are experiencing steel shortages.

Just a word of caution to Seifsa: do not blindly publish AMSA’s promises. According to Seifsa, AMSA has committed to the normalisation of production supply, for flat steel products, by the end of March 2021. This, however, seems unlikely since AMSA’s customers are still on allocation even for orders placed for June ‘21, which indicates that the shortages will be with us way into the second half of 2021, if not beyond that.

Gerhard Papenfus is the Chief Executive of the National Employers' Association of South Africa (NEASA)

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