Know Your Oil Campaign powered by Motul Hits the Airwaves

Al Your Pal (left), interviewing Taki Bogiages (bottom right) and Mercia Jansen about the Know Your Oil campaign powered by Motul

Motul is bringing their popular online Know Your Oil campaign to Mix FM. The twice-weekly features will be a key part of Motul’s mission to increase awareness of the vital role that oil plays in every driving and riding experience and to help vehicle owners choose the right oil for their vehicle.

Hippocrates (Taki) Bogiages, Technical Manager for Motul SA and Mercia Jansen, Motul Area Manager for Southern and Eastern Africa, will be joining popular Mix FM DJ Al Your Pal during his Power Mix shows every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 14h20. With the introduction show having received such positive input and feedback we look forward to the official start of the campaign from Tuesday 23 March and continuing until Thursday 29 April 2021.

Taki and Mercia will be answering questions from listeners and sharing their extensive knowledge about the best oils to use in every kind of vehicle, from two to four wheels, and for every activity from everyday driving or riding to racing and even heavy-duty vehicles, marine and gardening applications. With 168 years of oil heritage, Motul has built up a vast library of knowledge on oil performance and specifications. Allied to this history is Motul’s spirit of innovation, which has kept them at the forefront of the motor oil business, providing the lifeblood that flows through millions of vehicles worldwide.

“Following the success of our Know Your Oil Facebook segments, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with Mix FM and Al Your Pal to bring the latest oil knowledge to more South African vehicle owners,” commented Mercia. “Choosing the right oil can make a real difference in terms of the performance of your vehicle, the longevity of your engine and parts and what it costs you in services and spares,” she added.

“We’ll be covering a range of oil-related topics and themes,” explained Taki, “beginning with the basics of oils and why they’re important and going on to look at how to choose the right oil, and other vital consumables including transmission and brake fluids. These radio slots will form part of our oil knowledge ecosystem which includes the wide range of information available at MOTUL.com and on our free-to-download Motul App,” he added.

Mix FM listeners can now look forward to gaining a wealth of knowledge about oils and lubricants. By tuning in to Al Your Pal’s Power Mix during March and April, they’ll discover that – with expert guidance – it’s easier than ever to Know Your Oil, save money, and enjoy optimum vehicle performance.

“I’m delighted to welcome Mercia and Taki onto the show and to give them the chance to share this information with our Mix FM listeners,” commented Al Your Pal. “As a DJ, I know that music is vital to keeping our country moving, which means that quality radio and quality oils have a lot in common. I’m also looking forward to seeing what questions our listeners send in – and not forgetting that we’ll be giving away Motul products as prizes during each Motul Know Your Oil segment. I’m a big motorbike fan myself, so I’m hoping to pick up some great tips from the Motul team,” added the veteran DJ.

For more information on the specs of individual Motul products, visit https://www.motul.com/za/en or download the Motul App from the App Store or Google Play.