Technical apprentices: Employ the Best: NEASA Employers to benefit

Technical apprentices: Employ the Best: NEASA Employers to benefit

A historic 'growth agreement' has been signed between NEASA and the trade union Solidarity, for the explicit purpose of promoting training and job opportunities for young apprentices.

In terms of the agreement, Solidarity, through Sol-Tech College:

  • will provide continued apprentice training in technical skills; and
  • NEASA will encourage its members across all industries to host and offer jobs to these young apprentices.

Apprentices who have successfully completed the theory and college practical component of their qualification at Sol-Tech, are ready to be placed with employers to gain the relevant workplace exposure and to apply theoretical and practical competencies in the following trade categories:

  • electrician
  • millwright
  • fitter and turner
  • toolmaker
  • welder
  • diesel/tractor mechanic
  • auto-electrician

This is how a NEASA member can benefit from hosting an apprentice:

  • your company gains access to additional entry-level technical labour at minimal cost to your company;
  • as a host-employer, you can qualify for the Employment Tax Incentive;
  • you obtain a cost-saving (up to R160 000) due to the academic component of the apprenticeship already being completed; 
  • employing an apprentice that is already operating at a much higher level than a normal 1st-year apprentice benefits your business;
  • suitable students are interviewed and matched with your business with the view to select and appoint the best-suited candidate;
  • you can increase your workforce without having to commit to employment thereafter;
  • should you wish to employ the apprentice after completion of the apprenticeship, you will gain an asset already familiar with your operations; and
  • you can claim learnership tax allowance in terms of S12(h) of the Income Tax Act.

Through the NEASA Youth Program, our team will provide employers with the necessary support services to participate successfully in the journey of hosting an apprenticeship.