Benefit from Skills Development

Benefit from Skills Development

Increase productivity, morale, and profitability

Efficiency, optimism, and an improved bottom line are some of the benefits a company with strategic focus on skills development obtains.

Regulatory authorities have set in place regulated additional initiatives to incentivise employers to undertake skills development. NEASA can your company to take advantage of these benefits.

Companies can qualify for skills development incentives by submitting an Annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR).  By submitting skills reports, businesses will benefit in the following ways:

  • qualifying to claim a ‘mandatory grant’ of 20% of the SDL paid to SARS by implementing training for your employees;
  • maximising points earned under the Skills Development priority element for BEE;
  • highlighting skills gaps in your organisation - the difference between the skills required for a job and the skills employees actually  possess;
  • implementing training to eliminate these skills gaps;
  • applying for ‘discretionary grant’ funding to address ‘critical and scarce skill shortages’ identified in your industry; and
  • promote succession planning in your organisation.

The deadline for the submissions is 30 April 2021.

NEASA can assist you to compile these plans and reports.

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