New blue mixing toner for Standoblue basecoat system from Standox

New blue mixing toner for Standoblue basecoat system from Standox

Brilliant Blue 125 from Standox, the Wuppertal refinish brand, ensures perfect colour matching for certain blue shades.

Blue is generally considered a cool colour, but according to psychologists, it stands for positive values such as harmony, contentment, calm and clarity. With these properties it is no surprise the Axalta 2020 Global Automotive Color Popularity Report details that blue is the most popular chromatic colour on new cars, surpassed only by the dominant achromatic colours white, black and grey.

Because so many car manufacturers offer different shades of blue in their standard colour palettes, Standox is launching Brilliant Blue 125, a new mixing tint for the Standoblue basecoat system. It is a highly-chromatic green-blue that can be used to repair certain shades of blue. In addition to being used in effect colours, this new mixing tint is also suitable for use in solid colours and ensures perfect match to the original shade.

The formulas with Brilliant Blue 125 are now available in Standowin iQ, Standox's colour retrieval software. For further information on Standox, please visit www.standox.co.za or contact Standox expert consultants.