Stop driving - save a life

Stop driving - save a life

The third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa is inundating hospitals and creating serious difficulties for the healthcare system. MasterDrive is encouraging drivers to do their bit in alleviating the pressure by staying off the roads.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says with the rapid spread of the virus, the safest place for everyone to be is at home. “Not only do you reduce your exposure to the virus but remove the chance you might contribute to one of the greatest drains (other than COVID-19) on the healthcare system at this stage.

“Throughout lockdown varying curfews were in place in an attempt to reduce the number of people needing assistance at hospitals due to car crashes. Some of these curfews proved to be very effective in freeing up emergency response personnel, hospital space and the demand for healthcare professionals. It showed how important it was to stay home and potentially avoid placing pressure on our severely limited resources.”

Even the best drivers can place unnecessary strain on the system. “While being a defensive driver reduces your chance of a crash, sometimes accidents still happen. When they do, injuries are often part of this. Safe driving can go a long way in keeping you and your family safe and in turn freeing up much needed space in hospitals to deal with the current third wave we are experiencing.

“Drivers that continue to drive recklessly during this time should seriously reconsider their actions. Statistics consistently prove reckless driving is often the cause of crashes including speeding, drink driving, distracted driving, overtaking on a blind rise and other behaviours. While none of this driving is ever acceptable, if you find yourself engaging in them, now is the time to stop.”

May each person enjoy their weekend. “During this time try your best to stay home and if you cannot, be the best driver you can be,” says Herbert.



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