Motul launches Additives and Lescot car care ranges

Motul launches Additives and Lescot car care ranges

Motul and OEM Lubricants chose the Motul Museum in Linksfield as the setting for the launch of two new product ranges on Wednesday May 16th. In the presence of leading automotive journalists and invited guests, Motul announced two new product ranges which will be available immediately in South Africa through OEM Lubricants.

While the Motul Museum houses one of Africa’s most prestigious collection of iconic and classic cars, this was very much an evening about looking to the future as Motul confidently predicted that their new Motul Additives Range and Lescot Car Care products will become important additions to Motul’s product range.

The Motul Additives Range draws on Motul’s expertise and is aimed specifically at professionals; its launch is a recognition that South African automotive professionals have a need to extract even better performance from vehicle combustion engines.

The products in the new Motul Additives Range have been specially developed to be added to fuel to restore and maintain engine performance and in some cases improve it. Its purpose is to remove deposits from the fuel system and the engine, leading to improved performance and economy, and reduced environmental impact.

Motul’s new Fuel System Clean, Diesel System Clean, Valve and Injector Clean Additives products have been formulated to clean the combustion chamber, injectors, and fuel circuit, while DPF Clean has been developed to address the issue of Diesel Particulate Filter system clogging.

Motul’s commitment to improving efficiency was underlined by the inclusion in the Motul Additives Range of products designed to flush the engine and automatic transmission before an oil change. These products – Engine Clean and Automatic Transmission Clean - were described as being able to clean any components that come into contact with lubricant by removing deposits and suspending them in the oil before it is removed from the engine or automatic transmission during the lubricant change.

The Motul Additives Range will be distributed in South Africa – alongside the complete range of Motul Automotive lubricants – by OEM Lubricants, and will also include Throttle Body Clean and two coolant additives (Radiator Clean and Radiator Stop Leak).

A Polished Performance / Consumer Car Care Products

Attendees at the launch event were left in no doubt as to Motul’s commitment to assisting professionals to obtain maximum engine and transmission performance, but also of their recognition of the need for optimum aesthetic performance.

This was the rationale behind Motul’s recent acquisition of the Lescot Company, a French manufacturer of car embellishment and car care products. Lescot has over 40 years’ experience in producing premium car care products and accessories, formulated and designed to clean and protect both the exterior and interior of the vehicle, including paintwork, glass, plastic and chrome components. The quality of Lescot products has earned them a loyal following among classic car collectors and discerning drivers around the world.

Lescot’s range includes Power Shampoo (a concentrated formula that cuts through grease and road film, protects paintwork and facilitates water run-off) and All in One Polish, for bodywork renewal and protection and a glossy, eye-catching finish.

Lescot also manufacture car care accessories including double-sided 100% cotton washing mitts and the Flexi Hydro Blade for removing water after washing. As a finishing touch, their Purifier on Air spray replaces pet and tobacco odours with that new car smell.

Lescot products will be available (again via OEM Lubricants) at selected automotive retail stores across South Africa and online at www.thefloatchamber.com

Taken together, Motul’s two new product ranges offer vehicle professionals and South African consumers the opportunity to work with, own and drive vehicles that not only look their best, but also perform at their best.

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