Director-General Trade And Industry Addresses The Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Director-General Trade And Industry Addresses The Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Lionel October, the Director-General Trade and Industry, recently addressed the delegates of the Manufacturing Indaba 2018 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

Some key topics from in his address include:

  • The importance of manufacturing and a 'new dawn' for SA and acknowledging that the Manufacturing Sector is an indispensable sector if we are to achieve our economic growth targets in future.
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution/ Digital Transformation: It is important to approach the phenomenon from two vantage points – the one a technological the other a policy and regulatory framework.
  • 2018 marks the 10 annual iteration of the Industrial Policy Action Plan. IPAP 2018 makes the point that the deep-seated structural problems in the domestic economy have remained stubbornly in place.
  • Getting on with the job: Whilst in the course of the implementation of ten years of IPAP we have always stressed the absolute imperative for structural reform, we have tried simultaneously to ‘get on with the job’ in an environment where a set of objective and subjective domestic and global circumstances meant we have faced very stiff headwinds.
  • The Key themes of the IPAP which inform the work of the Department of Trade and Industry and act as a roadmap for the wider industrial effort. As we look back on ten years of the IPAP it is appropriate to reflect on both the shortcomings and the achievements, highlighting
    two sectors as examples: 

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