MasterDrive Newsletter - 21 August 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 21 August 2018

MasterTips: Current ACC too dangerous for roads?

Just when many road safety ‘experts’ are beginning to feel that autonomous vehicles will address this issue ‘once and for all’ others are questioning it. Insurers in the US believe adaptive cruise control is unsafe.

MasterTest: Bike Expressions: Honda Africa Twin 1000

According to our bike guru, Derek Kirkby, from the first look this bike announces its presence. The bike is also at home both on and off road.

MasterNews: #Whenyoudrinkneverdrive

MasterDrive joined Heineken in a recent event where they had the opportunity to share the dangers of drink driving and illustrated firsthand, how your vision is affected by alcohol.


A woman runs to the mall for a quick errand and loses her purse but an honest teenager returns it to her. The woman looks inside her purse, "That's strange. Earlier I had a R200 note inside, but now I have two fifties and a hundred instead." "That's right," the boy explains, "the last time I found a lady's purse, she didn’t have change for a reward."

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