Honda Quest True Adventure 2018 finalist announcement

Honda Quest True Adventure 2018 finalist announcement

The 14 Finalists for Quest True Adventure 2018 have been notified that on the 18th of October, they will be stepping astride a brand new Honda CRF1000L DCT for a 10 day adventure of a lifetime.

Just what it took to claim their seat was an intensive 3 day semi-final Bootcamp. It was a combination of testing each to get a real measure of not just the person under the helmet, but also to prepare them as much as possible for the adventure ahead.

Awaiting them is 10 days and 2500km of some of the most iconic mountainous desert riding in Africa; the remote and harshly beautiful Richtersveld, Northern, and Western Cape.

The seven teams of two will have the opportunity to test themselves both on and off the bike in the very tough, technical, yet stunningly beautiful part of the world. It will take something special in so many ways for the winning team to ride off on the very bike they will have competed on.

Team Honda wish them the very best of luck!

To find out who the finalists are, go to www.quest-trueadventure.com

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