MasterDrive Newsletter - 13 November 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 13 November 2018

MasterTips: Are we too reliant on technology?

Two out of three owners of vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems say they trust them, but many misunderstand the limitations of the technology. Evidence suggests that drivers could become over-reliant on the systems, according to a new study in the US.

MasterTest: Sam says it is exceeding expectations

People seem to be unanimously impressed with the Haval H2. From the drive to the styling of the car, most people did not expect as much from the Chinese brand as what it offers.

MasterNews: MasterDrive launches eDriving programme

MasterDrive is introducing their new eLearning programme. MasterLearning provides even more opportunities for businesses to benefit from defensive driver training when traditional forms of training are not available.


In the morning meeting, the boss complains he isn't getting any respect. Later on he buys a small sign from a local sign shop reading, ‘I'm the Boss.’ He tapes it to his office door. When he returns from lunch, he finds a note taped to the sign saying, 'Your wife called, she wants her sign back!'

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