Ferodo® hosts Eco-Friction Days event at Tarlton International Raceway

Ferodo® hosts Eco-Friction Days event at Tarlton International Raceway

Publicly-conducted tests demonstrate enhanced safety of environmentally-friendly pads

Johannesburg, South Africa, 20 November 2018. Federal-Mogul Motorparts recently announced that Ferodo® Eco-Friction® brake pads reduced the stopping distance of a test vehicle by up to 6% when compared to four key competitors in tests held by Federal-Mogul Motorparts*. Conducted at Tarlton International Raceway under dry conditions with a load of 900 kg excluding driver (average load simulation), the pads achieved an average stopping distance of 33.33 m, while the competitors took up to 35.56 m, resulting in a stopping distance over 6% sooner.

The company’s latest Ferodo Eco-Friction Days event held at Dezzi raceway allowed attendees to test the performance of the latest Ferodo brake technology and gain first-hand experience of the safety benefits provided by the environmentally-friendly pads.

Participants were accompanied by experienced Federal-Mogul Motorparts test drivers and performed dry-weather testing in Toyota Quantum Taxis fitted with Eco-Friction pads and OE products. The test involved decelerating the Quantum from 80 km/h to standstill in an emergency stop simulation, activating the vehicle’s ABS system.

“We are delighted to demonstrate that Ferodo Eco-Friction pads not only provide environmental benefits, but also outstanding stopping power when compared to competitors,” said Federal-Mogul Motorparts Technical Manager Albertus Steyn. “South Africa presents some of the most demanding road conditions in the world, so improvements in brake efficiency can lead to significant safety benefits. These tests* have shown that Eco-Friction sets a new benchmark for safety and was the first copper-free pad fitted as major German OE for manufacturers. ”

Eco-Friction offers considerable environmental benefits due to the removal of copper as a brake friction material. The quantity of other metals that produce harmful particulates has also been significantly reduced. The Ferodo people carrier range currently covers 16 references and is manufactured locally in South Africa.

“The Ferodo Eco-Friction name is already synonymous with aftermarket brake safety in Europe, and offers extensive car parc coverage,” continued Steyn. “We are excited to see the technology available in South Africa and to demonstrate its significance. We hope that, through the use of Ferodo pads, minibuses in South Africa will become safer and more reliable.”

Ferodo Eco-Friction Days tests

A Toyota Quantum Taxi was used for all tests conducted by customers and media. Participants carried out AMS-type brake tests, which is a popular assessment specified by most vehicle manufacturers as a way of homologating brake friction material.

Test vehicles were fitted with new brake discs and pads, which were subjected to the required running-in phase. Vehicles were also fitted with leading-edge GPS-based systems to measure vehicle speed and braking distances in metres. These results were taken from the moment the brake pedal is pressed until the vehicle has come to a complete stop. Drivers were asked to accelerate swiftly up to test speed, then place the vehicle into neutral and press firmly on the pedal until coming to a complete stop, as per accredited test procedures.

Each brand of pad was tested 12 times, obtaining the average braking distance figures. The Eco-Friction pads out-performed all four competitors in the tests conducted.

For more information on Ferodo, Eco-Friction Days or its Eco-Friction Taxi brake pads, please visit www.Ferodo.Co.ZA

*For more information on the testing contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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