The Force Will Be With You By December

The Force Will Be With You By December

When South African holidaymakers go in search of wide-open spaces next month, Thule’s expansive range of luggage boxes can ensure that they have plenty of space up close too, en route to their chosen destination.

The Thule Force XT cargo box is a new addition to the range and available from Thule Partner stores this December. Unveiled at the Automechanika Show in Frankfurt in September, the Thule Force XT is a versatile and robust roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use and is capable of carrying bulky loads of all sizes.

Shaped with practicality in mind and available in four derivatives, the Thule Force sits between the Thule Touring and Motion ranges. The four versions represent the size scale:  small, medium, large and extra-large with luggage volume starting from 300 litres. The XL truly lives up to its name thanks to a 500-litre volume and an internal length approaching two metres. It is what you need when you want to take everything along, including the kitchen sink.

Carrying capacity of all versions is 75 kilograms and matte black is the default colour.

Intelligent design features abound. The Thule Force XT is easy to fit to Thule cross bars thanks to the PowerClick quick-mount system. The integrated torque indicator clicks loudly to confirm when it’s correctly tightened, ensuring fast and secure fitting.  DualSide opening provides easy access to all areas of the box, from either the left or the right of the vehicle. A single, centrally-positioned lock is another user-friendly feature.

Pricing of the Thule Force starts at R9 699.

Thule is the global market leader with an unrivalled tradition of design engineering, rigorous testing and the highest safety standards. All Thule luggage boxes come with a five-year warranty. With an in-depth knowledge of the car industry and the latest trends. Thule remains a step ahead of the competition and designing and developing roof boxes for any type of car make or model.

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