MasterDrive Newsletter - 04 December 2018

MasterDrive Newsletter - 04 December 2018

MasterTips: How to drive safely around schools

With more and more schools opening in the suburbs each year it is important that drivers – particularly fleet drivers operating in those areas – be aware of the dangers associated with driving in this environment.

MasterNews: Amarok introduces a special edition

The model comes with dramatic styling to differentiate itself from the rest of the Amarok range. It is powered by a 132kW BiTDI engine, 8-speed gearbox and has Volkswagen's 4MOTION technology.

MasterNews: Road safety challenge

Every time this year, there are news headlines of the anticipated record holiday traffic volume, the high crash rates and soon after, the tragic stories of victims fallen and families devastated in crashes. MasterDrive will be releasing a series of content to help drivers through this busy time on the roads.


At 7am, a lone wife hears a key in the front door. She wanders down, bleary eyed, to find her husband in the kitchen – drunk, with ruffled hair and lipstick on his collar. "I assume," she snarls, "There is good reason you come waltzing in here at 7am?" "There is," he replies, "Breakfast."

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