What to do if you are having a Turbo Problems

What to do if you are having a Turbo Problems

This advice can save you huge costs and possibly your cars turbo and engine

This could well be the turbocharger itself, or something inside the engine causing the problem so it needs to be checked first before replacing the turbocharger, many turbo’s can be repaired, and/or parts replaced. 

Many car owners have no idea about Turbochargers and what to do if they do have a problem. So, it’s advisable to do your homework and get expert advice from trained personnel.  There is one company TurboDirect SA that can do this all for you, and they hold the official agencies for all the international leading OEM brand Turbochargers that were installed into your vehicle from day one, the same identical Turbo that was first fit to your car when it was displayed on the showroom floor. It can also be replaced if need be at approximately 50% less than the vehicle agent will charge you for the identical unit.

This will exclude cars that are still under warranty as they may have their cars turbo covered in their service or maintenance plan. What can happen to the others is that they will take the car in and several things could happen.

  1. They could get a turbo replaced at a huge cost, without checking what caused the turbo to fail, which could be several reasons originating from the engine itself. Without this being accurately diagnosed, the turbo problem could well still exist with the replacement of the new unit.
  2. The service operation may try and repair the turbo, again without the right experience, knowledge and equipment and this could also go horribly wrong, leading to another failed turbocharger. 
  3. The owner or the service operation will find a new cheap aftermarket turbo which is manufactured to incorrect tolerances and/or materials which will not last another service life, costing the vehicles owner more money in the short term. Often these turbochargers do not include any form of warrantee. 
  4. Other bad options are fitting a reconditioned unit which has not been reassembled with genuine parts. All VNT (variable nozzle turbine aka variable geometry turbochargers) turbocharger manufacturers like Garrett, BorgWarner etc have a non-repair policy for all their VNT turbochargers. The equipment and intellectual property related to the calibration of these types of turbochargers are not published into the public sector, and because of this no original repair parts are available for the repair of these turbos.

Some turbo repairers will use Chinese copied internal parts inside the turbocharger in order to repair/recon or build a service exchange turbocharger. Beware of repaired, service exchange turbochargers for passenger vehicles utilising any form of variable geometry technology.    

What vehicle owners should be doing is getting the correct information from the officially appointed importers and agents for the turbochargers, TurboDirect S.A are the only turbocharger distributor in South Africa with the technical knowledge and ability to diagnose, supply and fit a brand-new Genuine turbocharger to your vehicle, and at a cost that will surprise you. TurboDirect S.A will firstly, find out what caused the turbocharger failure, get this sorted out first before replacing or repairing the turbo. TurboDirect SA specialises in Turbos and has all the leading OE brands and more than 20 years of experience. They will find the fault, be it the engine and/or the turbocharger and then either repair and/or replace the turbo with the identical original model and brand name at 50% of the cost and give you the supporting manufacturers guarantee on the workmanship and the new turbocharger.

“Many turbo car owners make the same mistake, that ends up costing them a fortune, and their vehicles engine may be consequentially damaged through a turbo failure” said Chris Kambouris founder, owner and MD of TurboDirect SA.  “We offer all the services, and will accurately diagnose the problem, whatever it may be and give a full report. We can do all the repairs and fitment if need be at a very affordable prices, plus it will be supported by all the manufacturer guarantees, as we are the official agents for all the genuine turbochargers in Southern Africa,” said Kambouris

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