Pratley adds to its Superglue range of high-performance DIY adhesives

Pratley adds to its Superglue range of high-performance DIY adhesives

Pratley’s new Superglue Gel is a high-performance, multipurpose, high-quality cyanoacrylate adhesive. This easy-to-use, non-drip gel is ideal for vertical and hard-to-reach applications. It is one of the latest additions to Pratley’s ever-expanding range of high-performance DIY adhesives.

With gap-filling properties and excellent adhesion to rubber, the gel also bonds exceptionally well to most other materials, including metal, ceramics, porous substances, jewellery, and most plastics. Available from Pratley in a dispenser of 20 x 3 g bubble packs, Pratley Superglue Gel sets clear, making it ideal for invisible and aesthetic repairs.

“Another really great feature is its non-drip property which, unlike normal Superglue, allows the adhesive to be applied to vertical surfaces,” Pratley National Sales & Marketing Manager Mark Bell highlights.

An initial handling bond is formed by placing the gel on one side of the substrate, and thereafter applying pressure, or holding the substrate together for only 30 seconds. For an even stronger bond, it is recommended that the newly-bonded substrate is left undisturbed for at least ten minutes, depending on the weather conditions. A curing period of 12 to 24 hours is recommended for the best bonding strength.

Pratley Superglue Gel is also ideal for bonding together separate elements or components made from Pratley FrogzEggz®. This hand-mouldable plastic is the latest innovative product from Pratley, aimed at the DIY, arts-and-crafts and educational markets.

Pratley CEO Kim Pratley reiterates that innovation remains at the core of the company’s philosophy, in support of its goal of exceeding the quality of any competitor product globally. This year saw a range of new product launches. Apart from FrogzEggz®, these included TaperTech brass compression cable glands for all circular unarmoured cables and a new grade of Grolite expanded perlite for horticultural use.

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