MasterDrive Newsletter - 08 January 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 08 January 2019

MasterTips: Tips for solo driving
When we think of road trips we often think of cars full of people but often solo drivers make long distance trips on their own or as the only driver in the car. Solo drivers also face a few more challenges without the help of passengers or co-drivers.

MasterTest: Lexus ES magic carpet ride
The Lexus ES is renowned for its smooth, quiet and refined ride. There is now a detailed and innovative approach to suspension design and packaging for the new model which launched in SA early October.

MasterNews: Welcome back!
MasterDrive is ready to kick off a new year with many exciting things in store. You can look forward to the launch of MasterBiker, EventsMaster and MasterBus to name a few.

A minister is on the golf course when he hears a man, deep in a sand trap, let loose a stream of profanity. “I have often noticed,” chides the minister, “That the best golfers are not addicted to using foul language.” “Of course not,” screams the man. “What do they have to swear about?"

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