Battery Centre moves to the Cloud

Battery Centre moves to the Cloud

The move to the cloud can help businesses increase revenues while also improving customer engagement, performance, security, and reliability. As part of its digital transformation drive, Battery Centre Kempton Park has deployed Cloudbox, an 'All-in-One' IT solution that includes everything from email to backups, file sharing, security and communication – all in one simple package.

Like many small businesses, Battery Centre was lacking standarisation across all IT and business-related systems. There was no structure in place, no central repository for business data to be securely shared, synced or saved across the organisation.

More concerning was that key role players weren't able to access business data any time or from any device. Simply put, Battery Centre had no IT system, device, application or data security around file sharing and synchronisation.

Battery Centre Kempton Park manager Aimee Dixon points to other problems they were experiencing before moving to Cloudbox. "We had substandard email setup and collaboration, there was no data or company file backups and we were unable to scale up or down as our business needs changed."

"There was a huge lack of IT advisory and support services and absolutely no user, application and data management," she adds.

Battery Centre has now standardised its entire IT platform with the rollout of Cloudbox. It is a single product that is easy to use and understand, it has brought simplicity to a cluttered and confusing cloud market. Cloudbox balances compliance and control with usability and functionality and ensures that software is standardised throughout the company.

Cloudbox CEO Justin Trent says everything is taken care of under one roof by one vendor on a per-user, per-month basis for a flat monthly fee. "One vendor, one bill. Cloudbox offers an IT toolkit designed to meet the technology needs and budget requirements of your business."

"IT resources and applications are managed offsite in the cloud, so customers like Battery Centre only pay for the services they actually need. With no unexpected costs, budgets can be projected more accurately and with only one set of licences to manage, customers have the flexibility to scale up or down as they require," he explains.

Dixon says Battery Centre now has an all-in-one IT solution that just works. "Email is now synchronised across all user devices including PCs, laptops and mobile devices. We now have complete peace of mind regarding our real-time email backups and a tamper proof email archiving system in place."

"We now have a secure offsite backup system in place for all our key business data and computer files. In addition, we also have real time secure structured file sharing and enterprise-class audit trail - managing users, apps and data files with user controls for sharing files and folders," she adds.

Cloudbox offers easy integration with existing business automation systems, it now supports all Battery Centre workload and data sources. More importantly, the flexibility within Cloudbox allows Battery Centre to scale up or down with no hidden costs.

"Cloudbox is a reputable local company, it has exceptional expertise and reliable service. It is an all-in-one IT system that is scalable and fits within our environment and systems. Everyone we have dealt with has been exceptional in both knowledge and service,” Dixon says.

“Cloudbox really takes pride in customer centricity and relationships, they listen to their customers and understand our needs and business requirements," she concludes.

For more information visit www.cloudbox.co.za or contact Cloudbox on (087) 230-0350 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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