Autopromotec Blog News - January 2019

Autopromotec Blog News - January 2019

Electrification, automotive’s latest key word

  • The course towards a true zero-emission mobility is set, however time is needed along with a more widespread knowledge of the difference between hybrid and full-electric systems.

Autopromotec 2019, presentation of the IAM19 conference

  • "The evolution of the car repair business in future mobility scenarios”

Blockchain, growing automotive investments in technology and safety

  • From an Ibm research what emerges is how eagerly top managers are looking forward to the application of blockchain technology in the automotive sector.

Autonomous vehicles, drive-assist levels explained

  • Adas systems, a regular feature now on all newly registered cars, and the development of artificial intelligence are shaping future mobility scenarios in which the human factor will lose its central role.

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