MasterDrive Newsletter - 27 February 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 27 February 2019

MasterTips: Relief from fuel price increases

  • Estimates predict there will be a fuel price increase of at least 67c for petroleum and 84c for diesel in March. The fuel levy will hike these prices by 29c and 30c respectively in April, placing extra strain on motorist’s pockets. For businesses, this all affects the bottom line.

MasterTest: Sam says it’s a pity

  • The Datsun Go has so many great perks to offer those in the market for an economy car. It is a pity that everything the Datsun Go has to offer is marred by previous negative safety reviews

MasterNews: Cancelling insurance to save money?

  • This year may be a difficult one for many.The fuel price hikes coupled with an intertest rate hike at the end of 2018 might make some motorists consider saving on a grudge spend: insurance.


  • At a political corruption trial, the prosecuting attorney attacks a witness. "Isn't it true," he bellows, "You accepted R50 000 to compromise this case?" The witness stares out the window, like he didn’t hear. "Did you accept R50 000 to compromise this case?" he repeats. The witness is still silent. The judge says, "Sir, please answer." "Oh," the startled witness says, "I thought he was talking to you."

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