MasterDrive Newsletter - 05 March 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 05 March 2019

MasterTips: How to handle a tyre blowout

  • The prospect of a tyre blowout while you are driving is a frightening one for many drivers. This is what to do should this happen to you.

MasterTest: The new Jaguar XE

  • The new XE, available in South Africa later this year, delivers an enhanced exterior design, all-new luxurious interior and advanced technologies.The updated exterior design gives the XE a more purposeful and assertive stance.

MasterNews: Hijack kidnappings

  • Along with a spike in hijackings there has been an increase in the kidnapping of people along with their cars in Durban recently. Often the intent is not to harm you but try avoid this situation all together by following these tips.


  • Two families are waiting in line at a concession stand, when their five-year-old boys start talking. "My name is Josh. What's yours?" asks the first boy. "Adam," replies the second. "My daddy is a doctor. Where does your daddy work?" asks Josh. Adam proudly replies, "My daddy is a lawyer." "Honest?" asks Josh. "No, just the regular kind," replies Adam.

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