The Role of Manufacturing in Africa

The Role of Manufacturing in Africa

Manufacturing plays a prominent role in Africa’s economic development made evident by how industrial growth positively affects the overall GDP and productivity of the nation. Manufacturing activities promote development in that they boost the value generated in an economy by creating activity further along value chains, from raw materials to finished products. The introduction of innovative technologies and methodologies in the manufacturing realm further increase productivity levels. In addition, manufacturing creates employment opportunities, boosts the skills of the workforce, reinforces the economy, extends developments into the wider economy and tends to support social stability.

Africa’s rapidly expanding young population and simultaneous surge in demand for consumer goods and food has deemed the continent a progressive business and industrial proposition for the private sector. Ultimately, African people are required to produce more quantity with improved production methodologies. In addition, we need to generate greater value from our raw materials and resources by converting them into products through manufacturing.

In response to these objectives, the President of the African Development Bank Group, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have collaborated to assist Africa in developing an agenda to promote industrialisation of the continent.

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