Look forward to an array of informative and inspiring speakers for SAPICS2019

Look forward to an array of informative and inspiring speakers for SAPICS2019

From the supply chain challenges of United Nations peacekeepers in Somalia to those faced by the producers of reality TV show “Survivor”, from robotics to risk management, and from Coca-Cola to life-saving medicines, the 2019 SAPICS Conference for supply chain professionals will offer a diverse array of informative and inspiring presentations.

Just some of the amazing speakers for SAPICS2019  
Herbert Pechek, who is the supply chain management principal at the United Nations’ support office in Somalia, was the main architect of the transformation of the organisation’s complex, multidimensional peacekeeping operations into an efficient horizontal supply chain. He will explain to SAPICS Conference delegates how the often seemingly chaotic cluster of tasks has been assessed, analysed, and moulded into a new framework aligned to standardised supply chain processes and practices over the past few years.   
Presenter Antoinette Tebbutt is known to the South African public as "Toni from Survivor". She was the outspoken castaway on Season 6 Survivor South Africa, which was filmed in the Philippines and aired in 2018. Tebbutt has worked in logistics for over 15 years and says that as a contestant on Survivor South Africa, she was fascinated by the logistics of it all - from moving contestants and crew around, to transporting and building challenges on different islands, to building a set on the sea for the tribal councils.   
Sean Culey is a world leading futurist, author and globally recognised business transformation expert. He is an award-winning speaker and popular contributor to SAPICS events. The launch of his latest book, “Transition Point – from Steam to the Singularity”, gave him an ideal opportunity to return to the SAPICS stage to share and update his insights. In his SAPICS Conference presentation, Culey examines the drivers of technological change, the social, economic and political factors that both enable or suppress it, and the impact that technologies like robotics, blockchain and AI will have on our businesses, our economies and our society.  
Supply chain disruptions are widely regarded as one of the greatest risks facing manufacturers and have become a top concern of global insurance providers. A glitch in its supply chain can cost an organisation up to 10% of its shareholder value, and even put the company out of business. Dr Robert Besseling, founder and chief executive of EXX Africa, is a risk expert who will share his expertise and insights with 2019 SAPICS Conference delegates. He specialises in forecasting political, security and economic risk to African natural resources and associated infrastructure development.  
Coca-Cola’s demand driven journey into Africa is the topic of the presentation by Barry Anderson, demand and supply planning specialist at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa.   
The challenges of navigating the last mile in extreme environments will be examined in a SAPICS Conference presentation by Joseph Roussel, director and private sector engagement group lead at Village Reach in Brussels and Craig Usswald. VillageReach is a non-governmental organisation that is striving to improve communities’ access to healthcare and life-saving medicines and vaccines in remote rural areas in developing countries.  

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 Meet Experts and Influencers face to face

While not all conferences offer you the opportunity to meet a business guru, your chances are greatly improved when you’re sharing the same space and at SAPICS 2019 various opportunities exist to meet the supply chain guru who has inspired you. Also, make contacts with experts and influencers that can help you keep up with your vision for your business as well as to learn to improve your business in ways. 

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 Introductory Conference Briefing

Now not just available to first time conference attendees this briefing will take place before the main programme opens and will share highlights, tips and tricks from experienced conference attendees to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

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I have attended numerous conferences around the world and the operational team was fantastic / the best I've seen on how they managed and ran the event. Well done – Jeremy Basckin, Managing Director, Neways  

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