Heavy duty vehicles will go the distance with Plascon Acryline’s ready-for-use coatings

Heavy duty vehicles will go the distance with Plascon Acryline’s ready-for-use coatings

Plascon Acryline has supplied leading fleet owners and body builders with extremely durable, long-lasting and scratch resistant coatings for the past 35 years ensuring their vehicles can go the distance. Adding to the trusted Plascon Acryline brand, South Africa’s leading paint manufacturer has launched two innovative new ready-for-use coatings products that will streamline the painting process and ultimately save their customers time and money.

Plascon OEM Market Manager, Erle Rose says, “Robust vehicle coatings are crucial for FMCG, construction and agricultural companies that rely on their vehicles every day for operational success. Representing a company’s brand, they also serve as a moving billboard and using good paint prevents structural problems by keeping steel components strong, combating rust and boosting resale value.”

Plascon’s two Acryline systems respond to a call from bus, trailer and truck builders for a ‘smart system’ with ready-for-use products that reduce process times and enhance financial gain.

Plascon Acryline’s Direct-2-Metal is a convenient all-in-one solution with primer and top coat that has excellent gloss, flow and colour retention. UV durable with good adhesion, it comes with 2K polyurethane technology and a wide range of toners to match thousands of colours.

Acryline’s Wet-on-Wet is a combined system which includes a 2k Epoxy Polyamide Primer Surfacer and 5lt hardener. Erle says, “It’s formulation encourages customers to use the right amount according to our 1:1 ratio system.” Benefits to customers include excellent adhesion to mild steel, galvanised iron and abraded aluminium substrates, excellent overcoat ability, advanced drying properties, outstanding corrosion protection and a non-sanding application.

Competitively priced, both Acryline Direct-2-Metal and Wet-on-Wet offer a cost-effective systems that streamline the automotive coatings process. Erle concludes, “Our Acryline range is a trusted brand that provides value for money. With a five-year warranty, our customers will love the ease of simply applying one of our new ready-for-use products where two or three were previously needed.”

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