MasterDrive Newsletter - 24 April 2019

MasterDrive Newsletter - 24 April 2019

MasterTips: Drunk driving a thing of the past?

  • Upcoming safety technology in Volvo cars can sense when a driver should not be behind the wheel and immediately and safely stops the car.

MasterTest: Driving Expressions: Kia Sorento.

  • Travel the back roads to Magaliesburg in the Sorento and the driving experience changes dramatically. The SUV characteristics are such that it offers a sophisticated and comfortable drive at speeds that don’t compromise on time.

MasterNews: Back to work on wet roads.

  • Despite the heavy rainfall of Easter weekend, more rain is forecast in the coming days. If you are on the roads when it rains or a serious storm hits, this is what you can do.


  • Prisoner: Look here, doctor! You've already removed my spleen, tonsils, adenoids, and one of my kidneys. I only came to see if you could get me out of this place! Doctor: I am, bit by bit.

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