Is the Manufacturing Sector ready for Generation Z?

Is the Manufacturing Sector ready for Generation Z?

Governmental bodies and manufacturing stakeholders need to invest in Generation Z industrialists who are ultimately set to lead the continent’s manufacturing sector.

Who is Generation Z?

Africa is considered by many industry experts to be the world’s next major manufacturing centre owing to an increased influx of foreign direct investment, the development and execution of business-friendly policies as well as its sophisticated infrastructure. However, Generation Z entrants are also considered to play a monumental role in creating positive economic transformation in the continent.

Generation Z stands out from their previous generation counterparts, having a creative and entrepreneurial mindset as well as demonstrating independence. They are expected to introduce new management styles, whilst incorporating innovative techniques in product design. African governments therefore face the challenge of embracing this significant shift, thereby developing policies that would open new doors of opportunity for Generation Z entrants. Generation Z quickly identify opportunities and execute appropriate plans to capitalise on those opportunities.

They are flexible and can quickly adapt to changes in their environment. This trait is crucial in supporting African manufacturers to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in global markets, manage the impacts associated with recession and shift customer preferences along with new technological innovations.

Manufacturing Indaba takes place on 25-26 June 2019 at the Sandton Convention Centre. Any industrialist aiming to gain a competitive advantage in this landscape on both a local and global level, is urged to attend this premier event to reap the invaluable insights on offer.



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