Winch for Farming, Hunting, Quad Biking, UTV and 4X4

Winch for Farming, Hunting, Quad Biking, UTV and 4X4

A small, compact, low-cost winch, suitable for applications such as farming, quad biking, hunting and UTV, is now available in South Africa.

“The Superwinch A3500 is a compact, quiet, all-purpose 3500lb (1590kg) winch also ideal for 4x4 enthusiasts or any application needing a smaller, durable tool with brand-name reliability and added functionality. It is constructed with a low-amp, permanent magnet motor and designed for intermittent-duty general use,” explained Lenard Chester, MD of BD Components, distributors of Superwinch.

The winch’s free spool clutch is operated by a pull-and-turn action, which is able to disengage the gearbox. The winch’s steel cable can be pulled out by hand using a hand-saver bar. Synthetic cable is available as an optional extra.

For more information contact Black Diamond Vehicle Components at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or www.superwinchsa.co.za.

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