Digitalise manufacturing with PivotWare from Desoutter Industrial Tools

Digitalise manufacturing with PivotWare from Desoutter Industrial Tools

PivotWare from global tightening specialist, Desoutter Industrial Tools, is a holistic process control and work guidance platform that represents a key step in digitalising manufacturing processes and synchronizing with Industry 4.0. A perfect fit for all production environments, PivotWare coordinates work stations and integrates smart tools and devices, boosting productivity, product quality, work accuracy and traceability across the full manufacturing process.

Desoutter Industrial Tools is focussed on building Industry 4.0 strategies and partners with customers as they move along their digital transformation journey. “Our future-proof portfolio of cutting-edge Industry 4.0 compatible products and innovative software are supported by exceptional service delivered by our highly trained, competent team of experts,” states Corrie Coetzee, Business Line Manager, Sub Saharan Africa. Desoutter’s exceptional capabilities extend to tightening data verification, recording and analyses to provide industry customers with invaluable insight into their entire production process.

Coetzee highlights the fact that as data is at the epicentre of the 4th Industrial Revolution, understanding its real value is crucial. “This is where Desoutter’s expertise comes to the fore. We have added a new layer to our tightening data management expertise which includes the pragmatic retrieval, processing and analysis of specified and relevant data available on the eco-system. The data is then returned to customers in a user-friendly format empowering them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to ensure seamless, efficient and productive manufacturing processes.”

High tech industries such as automotive and aerospace constantly face challenges such as ever-expanding models and variants, growing complexities, increasing demand for superior quality as well as competitive cost pressure. In order to maintain a competitive edge, it is essential to bolster their manufacturing reliability. In addition, modern assembly workers in this highly flexible manufacturing environment are expected to efficiently multi-task and the rapid pace of technological changes is rendering traditional training required to master all these skills obsolete.

PivotWare meets the challenges of these high tech manufacturers as an intuitive human-machine interface. This digitally forward platform guides operators through a customized set of assembly tasks as part of the customers’ automated process, through an Industry 4.0 strategy. “Assembly workers are directed by a graphic and textual display that shows them exactly what tools to use, what components to apply and where to tighten them. The system verifies that every step has been efficiently and accurately completed before allowing the operator to move onto the next stage,” explains Coetzee. He adds that this platform not only delivers improved quality, reduced rework and increased volume production in automated environments but it also supports validation and traceability requirements.

Workstations are capable of communicating to a wide variety of industry standard equipment such as pick-to-light, sensors and actuators through the optional digital I/O module as well as handling data exchange through a variety of communications protocols to more advanced equipment and technologies. Enhanced traceability is achieved through PivotWare’s features which manage process deviations via product tracking and tracing while product recording and evaluation ensures transparency.

The state-of-the-art platform contributes to seamless operation thanks to its island-based architecture that prevents production outages and provides security in the event of network disruptions. Operating independently, each station centrally stores data, builds processes locally, packages services to manage collection and harmonises with servers to provide information to all authorised users.

PivotWare’s expandable, scalable modular concept simplifies the introduction of more stations and steps in production as well as the upgrade of individual stations with new features through additional modules. Further adding to its modular capabilities, the platform can scale up a whole production line for efficient line management and balanced production. “With PivotWare, customers can now easily grow from a single station to a complete production facility!” says Coetzee.

The smart PivotWare platform enables customers to enjoy full ownership and complete production line control thereby becoming fast, flexible and self-sufficient. In addition, the intuitive editor eliminates the need for programming skills so that the customer can independently adjust processes. To enable continuous improvements and lean practices, the platform offers the easy set-up of process controls, modifications as well as the integration of individual requirements. Using the software tools provided, customers are able to program PivotWare without specialist intervention, ensuring unhampered responsiveness to changes in production requirements. When the need arises for servicing, expert Desoutter technicians are on standby to service tools and software.

“Desoutter Industrial Tools remains passionate about equipping customers with premium quality, leading-edge tools, software and services to seamlessly guide them towards a smart, more automated future,” Coetzee concludes.

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