SCRS Consumer Tip: Prepping For Drop-off

When dropping your vehicle off at the repair facility, there are some things you might wish to start getting ready before you arrive. Many collision repair businesses with ask that you arrive with a full tank of gas. This may be a necessary condition to perform certain alignments and calibrations on your vehicle. If you drive an Electric Vehicle, you want to make sure you bring the proper EV charging cable.

If you have locking lugs on your wheels, you want to make sure that you have the wheel lock key in the vehicle and easily accessible. It’s also a great idea to remove personal belongings from the vehicle, as many times the technician will need to be in the vehicle for access to repairs taking place on the structure and exterior. Always check your trunk, glovebox and center console for things like personal protection, medication, controlled substances and anything else you wouldn’t want a technician finding!

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